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  • Native Bulgarian Online Marketing Specialist Designs and implements the online marketing strategy for an e-commerce platform in garment retail. Has to decide over the suitable combination of online marketing channels (ex;SEO, SEM, social media campaigns, Google Adwords, affiliate programs, email campaigns, blogging etc) able to increase traffic and retain customers.
  • Cashier / Commercial worker Greets and support the clients. Supplies the store with new products from the stock room. Organizes the products on shelves and decorates the store window. Operates the cash register. Job located in Bucharest .
  • Country Sales Rep in Bulgaria Native Bulgarian professional with experience in sales of raw materials for FMCG industry.
  • Financial Controller Senior professional with 3+ years’ experience in financial controlling and reporting of production related operations
  • Software Sales Consultant Experienced B2B sales professional with relevant connection to corporate clients.

Best candidates

  • E.K, male, 41, resident in Bucharest. Electronics engineer with 7 years’ experience as an IT Manager for two multinationals. Fluent in English and German.

  • R.C, female, 35, resident in Bucharest, 8 years’ experience as a Financial Controller for an automotive manufacturer in Frankfurt. Fluent in German.

  • G.F., male, 39, resident in Bucharest, economist with 5 years’ experience as a Risk Manager in banking.

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Temporary Work

If you are one of our clients, we want to thank you for doing business with us. If you're just beginning to learn about us, welcome!  We’re looking forward to building a strong and long term partnership between our companies.

Does your business need higher flexibility?

Today’s shifting business environment requires quick reaction and high flexibility. Usually, businesses use both internal and external flexibility tools which are in most cases related to headcount structure, employment relations, working time and salary levels In this respect, organizations may apply the regular internal employer-employee flexibility tools or they can turn towards the multiple external flexibility tools available and compliant with the legislation in force. 

Internal flexibility tools

  • Overtime
  • Part time work
  • Telework
  • Fixed term employment

External flexibility tools = Temp Work Arrangements

  • Subcontractors
  • Freelancers
  • Self employment
  • Temporary work arrangements


  • franchise, license, agency contract
  • service contracts
  • independent contractor agreement
  • employment contract for posted workers
  • apprenticeship contract

Why choose temporary work?

  • because it covers your short-term personnel needs
  • because it brings in already trained / experienced personnel
  • because it costs less then perm employees
  • because you pay only actual work without leaves or holidays
  • because it helps reporting lower headcount and higher profitability
  • because the Agency assumes responsibility for all formalities required by the host country and the Client (i.e. obtaining the work permit and visa, making travelling and accommodation arrangements for the temp workers etc)

How Does It Work?

A temporary work arrangement is a triangular relation between two employers and one employee sharing only two contractual bonds as below:

We as the Temp Agency are the official employer and assume responsibility for the staff administration comprising recruitment and selection to hiring, payroll and replacing whereas you as a User Company are expected to guide, supervise and make corrections of the day-by-day activity of the temp staff in compliance with your organization standards and rules. The benefits are effective immediately as you get more time for running the business with focus on what is really important, without worries on expenses. Review the general terms of business here.

No Limits To Flexibility

  • temp work is subject to several types of contracts (i.e. employment, individual contractor agreement, service contract, franchise, license, agency etc) which offer a variety of pay and taxation schemes
  • a temp contract may last from one day to 36 months or any time turned into a perm contract
  • the Client may take over on its payroll any temp worker / contractor if required
  • there is no limitation related to the minimum or maximum number of leased / temp workers which a Client is allowed to contract from one or more Temp Agencies
  • there is no legal provision related to the temp vs perm workers ratio that a Client should have

You Will Benefit

  • form downsizing personnel costs
  • from reducing operation risk
  • from quickly covering any unexpected vacancy in your organization
  • from retaining full strategic control of your core business
  • from preserving your company reputation

We welcome the opportunity to share our resources and knowledge to cover your staffing needs. Should you need further information, please take a few minutes to fill in the contact form here.