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  • Native Bulgarian Online Marketing Specialist Designs and implements the online marketing strategy for an e-commerce platform in garment retail. Has to decide over the suitable combination of online marketing channels (ex;SEO, SEM, social media campaigns, Google Adwords, affiliate programs, email campaigns, blogging etc) able to increase traffic and retain customers.
  • Cashier / Commercial worker Greets and support the clients. Supplies the store with new products from the stock room. Organizes the products on shelves and decorates the store window. Operates the cash register. Job located in Bucharest .
  • Country Sales Rep in Bulgaria Native Bulgarian professional with experience in sales of raw materials for FMCG industry.
  • Financial Controller Senior professional with 3+ years’ experience in financial controlling and reporting of production related operations
  • Software Sales Consultant Experienced B2B sales professional with relevant connection to corporate clients.

Best candidates

  • E.K, male, 41, resident in Bucharest. Electronics engineer with 7 years’ experience as an IT Manager for two multinationals. Fluent in English and German.

  • R.C, female, 35, resident in Bucharest, 8 years’ experience as a Financial Controller for an automotive manufacturer in Frankfurt. Fluent in German.

  • G.F., male, 39, resident in Bucharest, economist with 5 years’ experience as a Risk Manager in banking.

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