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What We Do

We are a Romanian staffing agency specializing in recruitment and temporary work for large and medium-sized enterprises located in Romania or the EU countries. We supply permanent and temporary workers across a wide range of industries and job profiles from Engineering to Manufacturing, Retail & Distribution, Logistics, Financial Services, Healthcare and Hospitality.

As a recruitment agency we cover two service models: contingency recruitment for any urgent or unexpected vacancy that needs to be filled immediately regardless the business sector, and executive search for carefully calculated senior management roles or subject matter experts regardless the business sector.

As a temporary work agency we hire and supply temporary or contract workers at junior, intermediate or senior level for the following business sectors: Engineering, Production, Retail, Logistics, Banking, BPO, Healthcare and Hospitality services.

Our promise to you is to deliver staffing solutions which meet your needs, budget and timeline at the highest service level.

Work With Us

  • if your business requires seasonal workforce on a short notice
  • if you need extra-staff for peak of activity, extra shifts or hollidays
  • if your staff turnover rate is high
  • if you want to try a new employee before offering a permananet contract
  • if you overpay your employees and need to downsize wages without beaurocracy
  • if you want to make layoffs with minimum trouble
  • if you need to replace your perm employees during maternity or sick leave
  • if you want to organize trainee programs at minimum costs
  • if you don’t have an HR department and need to outsource staff management
  • if you need an employer partner in relation with the Unions
  • if you don’t have a legal entity in Romania and need an agent to prospect the market and launch your local operations
  • if you need to rapidly expand to a new geographic region with sales force or administrative staff


Industries We Serve


  • We’ll Make A Difference. A butterfly can flutter its wings over a flower in China and cause a hurricane in the Caribbean. Every action matters and everyone can shape or shift the future.
  • Where We Are Now. At start-up (january 2012) we are the 5th of the last 50 temp agencies in Bucharest .In one year from now we strive to be among the first 50 temp agencies in Bucharest with a good visibility on EU markets.

Recent jobs [all the jobs]

  • Native Bulgarian Online Marketing Specialist Designs and implements the online marketing strategy for an e-commerce platform in garment retail. Has to decide over the suitable combination of online marketing channels (ex;SEO, SEM, social media campaigns, Google Adwords, affiliate programs, email campaigns, blogging etc) able to increase traffic and retain customers.
  • Cashier / Commercial worker Greets and support the clients. Supplies the store with new products from the stock room. Organizes the products on shelves and decorates the store window. Operates the cash register. Job located in Bucharest .
  • Country Sales Rep in Bulgaria Native Bulgarian professional with experience in sales of raw materials for FMCG industry.
  • Financial Controller Senior professional with 3+ years’ experience in financial controlling and reporting of production related operations
  • Software Sales Consultant Experienced B2B sales professional with relevant connection to corporate clients.

Best candidates

  • E.K, male, 41, resident in Bucharest. Electronics engineer with 7 years’ experience as an IT Manager for two multinationals. Fluent in English and German.

  • R.C, female, 35, resident in Bucharest, 8 years’ experience as a Financial Controller for an automotive manufacturer in Frankfurt. Fluent in German.

  • G.F., male, 39, resident in Bucharest, economist with 5 years’ experience as a Risk Manager in banking.

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